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I empower music learners to achieve their musical goals in a warm, nurturing environment


Music Mentoring


Since 2005, Amy Panetta, MA has empowered people of all ages to learn a musical instrument (piano, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings) and achieve their musical goals through a combination of teacher- and student-directed educational experiences in one-on-one and group lessons.  

Amy Panetta, MA provides groups and classes with the experience to engage, participate, and connect with others in singing, playing, reading, writing, composing, improvising, and listening to music in a positive, nurturing, supportive, warm, and friendly environment.


When you contact me, please answer the following questions:


  • Where are you located?

  • Are you interested in one-on-one classes, group classes, or online lessons?


  • What instrument?


  • Do you own the instrument?


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"Amy is a wonderful teacher. She's excited about music and brings that passion and fun to her student's lessons. Amy is easy company and has a bright and positive energy. My daughter and I love her!"

- Donna Gaulint, June 2019

“We really did enjoy our online lessons and you saved the boys from losing too much progress.  Also, having a new and fresh perspective really did help them.” – Parent after her two sons took online music lessons during the Summer 2018.

“Amy is a kind and very well-prepared teacher.  She creates lessons  that appeal to  each of my children’s interests, with a willingness to take time with each child that is rare and appreciated.  Amy always arrives at our home with a friendly, smiling face, pertinent lessons and abundant good will.  We all truly appreciate her warm presence and wealth of knowledge.”

“Amy has consistently shown a high degree of support and kindness in her work with our children. Both girls were novices at their instruments when Amy started working with them, and each has made substantial progress in developing their musical ability, as well as their confidence. i attribute this largely to Amy’s patience, encouragement and the flexibility she has shown in matching her instructional approach to the particular needs and interests of each of our girls. She has reasonable expectations for what the girls should be doing, both during the lessons and during daily practice.”

– Parent, 2015

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