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with Amy Panetta, MA

Online Lessons

Until March 2020, many lessons occurred in-person.  Some lessons happened online for students who lived a distance away or were scheduled during inclement weather.  

However, during the many US/Canada COVID-19 homestay orders that began in mid-March 2020, Music Mentoring with Amy Panetta, MA became entirely online!  

Through much perseverance and patience of the students, parents, and teacher alike, we found out that online lessons were a possible, helpful, and viable way to learn for many students, not just during a pandemic, but anytime!  


Our Spring recital in 2020 got rescheduled to May, and then actually went online for our first Zoom recital!  In June 2021, as well as June 2022,  we continued to have Zoom recitals!

Currently, in person music learning opportunities are happening AS WELL AS online piano, beginning ukulele/beginning guitar lessons.  Please contact me, Amy Panetta, for more information at

Online music lessons have been shown to be a legitimate way to learn to play a musical instrument and can be so helpful in the following scenarios:

Do you live in an area where it is hard to find a music teacher?  


Is your music teacher on a vacation or leave and you would like to continue lessons while your teacher is away?  


Would you like the convenience of taking music lessons from the comfort of your home, or wherever you and your instrument are?  

Would you prefer to not leave the comfort of your home to learn a musical instrument?

Since online lessons can be so helpful...


This what you’ll need to get started with online lessons:

* A piano or keyboard (or ukulele or recorder)
* An internet connection
* An electronic device with a web camera
* Zoom software set up on your device.
* A place to prop your device so that I may be able to see your face and your hands/instrument.
* A smile

Our first lesson will include time to get acquainted, learn the playing position, posture, and learn new songs.  


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