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Weekly Food Prep Series: Tigernut Milk

What is a tigernut? Well, it's not from a tiger and it isn't a nut! A tigernut is a tuber and can be eaten plain. It has a starchy, dry consistency and a subtly sweet flavor. I like to make sure I chew mine thoroughly, especially since they can be quite dry and if you aren't paying attention, particles can "go down the wrong tube" and you can end up coughing. These are tasty, but for the reason I just mentioned, I tend to enjoy tigernuts as a non-dairy milk. Tigernuts can often be found in health food stores, coop markets, and some grocery stores.



1 cup Tigernuts

2 cups filtered water

2 dates

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla


Blender Large pitcher Mason jar Nut-Milk Bag (<---- In case you would like to order high-quality nylon or hemp nut-milk bags, click on the link for VT Fiddleheads. I do not profit off of promoting this particular business, but I am happy to spread the word because the shop is a local Vermont company. To see my podcast with the owner of the shop, Linda Mahns, please click here)


Soak the tigernuts overnight. Take the tigernuts in the soak water and add to blender. The dates may be soaked for 30 minutes or more to soften and to release sweetness. Add in the dates, cinnamon, and vanilla to the blender. Other spices like nutmeg and cardamom may be added for a chai flavor. Blend on high until smooth. Put nut-milk bag into pitcher with the top of the bag folded over the edge of the pitcher. Pour almond mixture from blender into the nut-milk bag into the pitcher. Grab the nut-milk bag with the blended almonds and squeeze the bag over the liquid in the pitcher so that all of the liquid is squeezed out of the bag. Refrigerate in an air-tight container such as a mason jar.

This fresh almond milk should last for 3-4 days. What should you do with the leftover tigernuts? Well I have a recipe coming up in an upcoming blog post! Stay tuned!


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