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Part 1: What do I do with all these ZUCCHINI?! Answer: Creamy Alfredo Zoodles!

It's about that time depending where you live in the Northern Hemisphere where many folks find their gardens are abundant with ZUCCHINI!* We wait so long, especially here in New England for the growing season and we have sooo much zucchini that we don't know quite what to do with it all! So, I am happy to bring you the first installment of the "What do I do with all these ZUCCHINI?!" series!

Today, I bring you...Creamy Alfredo Zoodles!

What are "zoodles" you ask? It's when you take a zucchini (green squash size), cut it in half or thirds and put it into a spiral slicer (spiralizer). Depending on which kind of spiralizer you have, the shapes may come out differently. I prefer a thicker noodle, however you may enjoy thinner noodles, similar to capellini pasta.