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Kale Mary Juice Recipe

The original recipe that I came up with back in 2012 contained carrot juice and cucumber instead of celery. This is currently my go-to green juice recipe! You can substitute what you need to. Instead of kale, you can choose a number of different greens you have on hand. Feel free to choose your type of apples based on what kind of sweetness that you would like (pink lady is wonderfully sweet, or granny smith for less fruit sugar). You may want to choose a harder apple as some juicers will create more pulp with softer apples. You might like to have a smooth juice without pulp, so after you run your ingredients through the juicer, take the juice and pour it through a fine mesh strainer bag.


2 apples

2 lemons

1 head of celery

5 leaves of kale (more or less)

1 thumb of ginger


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