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Amy's Story

                                                     Before                                                                                                                    After                


Back in 2012, I was not feeling very well.  Like many people today, I was drained, lethargic, felt weighed down, and couldn't think clearly.  I suffered from seasonal allergies, rashes, sleeping issues, digestive upsets, and had trouble dealing with stress.  I felt a bit down on myself, until I happened to get an apartment with a roommate who happened to be a holistic nutritionist.  She would be my guide back to health and helped me to gain control of my life.    


I cast the scale aside and stopped weighing myself.  All I cared about feeling better.  I wanted so desperately to feel good in my skin.  I wanted to glow with health, excitement, and joy once again.  I transitioned to eat a more whole food diet filled with lots of plant foods.  As I did this, I felt my energy bounce back and a lot of the physical symptoms I was dealing with cleared up!  That year, I ended up losing over 80 pounds.  My transformation was profound on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and I understood that my path to wellness was truly a pilgrimage of getting to the root of health struggles.


I am passionate to empower individuals who are tired, stressed, and weighed down to bring inner balance to their lives, feel lighter, and more vibrant once again!  In addition, I also work with children, especially those with dietary restrictions and picky eating habits to eat nutritious, satisfying, and enjoyable meals with their family once and for all!  I design personalized plans to help positively support your health through nutrient-dense whole foods, supplementation as needed, and beneficial lifestyle activities.  


Certification in Nutrition Consulting from Hawthorn University, an accredited program.    

Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education and minor in Art from Lebanon Valley College

Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology from The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, Ireland


Disclaimer: Please note that this website is for informational purposes only.  I am not a medical doctor and the information provided is not intended to replace the advice of a trained medical care provider.  Please discuss any potential lifestyle changes with your medical practitioner.  

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